How this all started (Fictional Story)

How this got started

Sugar has a friend that is married and her husband works out of town. Her name is Susan. She is a bit younger than us but not by much; she is 37 years old, 5’3” and about 160 shapely pounds. She was unable to have a baby so they have no k**s. Her situation adds up to horny woman, who has a nice house and lives pretty much alone because her husband rarely home, can’t get pregnant, so big time whore. When he’s home he treats her like a queen and she loves him but when the hubby away the cougar will play. Sugar always tells me Susan’s stories and I have a hard time concealing my excitement as I hear them. Sugar has been the only woman I been with for 2 ½ years. I’ve had few opportunities but love her and would never risk hurtin Continue reading

Unexpected Encouter!!!

This story I m about to let everyone read is very Real and True to the fact!!

It all began when I was 17, I had just moved suburb s with my parents and my 2 b*****rs.
I didn t know many people in the area and finally got to meet some people around my age that lived just down the road, there were 2 s****rs and 2 b*****rs, the oldest was one off the s****rs, she was sixteen and very very attractive, she had the perfect figure a size 8 and a lovely round tight little ass and from what I could tell she had the most perfectly round and firm breasts, which most girls do at that age, we got to know one another very well and started hanging out going out down the beach during the day and all the kind of stuff that people do around our age, after a while I managed to as Continue reading

Innocence Taken: Part 3

The next morning I woke up dry… or at least I thought I did. My Goodnites diaper felt a little wet in the front, but it wasn t my pee, it was that I had my first wet dream and I had just finished shooting my cum in my diaper, right before I woke up. Chris, my hot math teacher was in it and I dreamt that he was fucking me on my own desk! I was overwhelmed with excitement, I wanted to see him right then and there to tell him about my hot wet dream. All of a sudden I itched, I needed to know if he was dreaming about me too… I wanted him here, now, I wanted him inside me again. All of this raced through my mind as I got out of bed, I pulled down my used diaper and threw it away in the diaper bin at the corner of my room. 

I picked out a new set of uniform pant Continue reading

My first big cock

This is not fiction, but rather the true story of my first experience with another man.

I have always fantasized about giving a blowjob. For as long as I can remember, my favorite porn scenes were of a hot girl sucking a massive cock. After a while, I realized that it wasn t just the girl I was focused on though. The person giving the blowjob became interchangeable, as every time I would picture what it would feel like to be the one on my knees, holding, stroking, and sucking someone s giant member.

The next progression was craigslist, the good old casual encounters section which I am sure many of you are familiar with. An easy and relatively anonymous way to explore my fantasy a little deeper. It started by me just looking, viewing the pictures and reading t Continue reading

Neuro submission transmitter 2

Susan s plane is late and mom and I sit in the Starbucks at the airport, waiting for her.

"I want you to try and get along with your s****r for just one weekend, okay?" Mom says while she sips her latte. "I don t want a repeat of her visit in February." Mom says, referring to the fight my s****r and I got into the last time she was home. Mom doesn t know what it was about but we hardly spoke to each other after I yelled at her to go put some clothes on and she said I should not be such a pervert to stare at my s****r s tits.

"I promise you, mom, you ll think you ve got the wrong k**s, we ll get along so well." Yeah, we ll get along so well it ll be like we re lovers, I think to myself.

Finally, her flight is announced and when Continue reading

Measuring My Cum – pt5

I felt something slap against my butt cheek, and then
again a couple of times. It felt like a hand. I woke
up with a jerk. I had drifted off to sl**p, only for
a few minutes it seemed, as I lay naked on my bed
whilst mom had finished her shower. Now she stood
over me next to the bed. She had a bath towel wrapped
around her, and had been slapping my naked butt with
her hand to wake me up.

"This will never do young man," she said sternly.
"It s almost 10.30. Why haven t you put any clothes
on?" I had drifted off to sl**p on my side, so mom
must have had a good view of my ass and back whilst
she slapped me. As I turned on my back, to now face
her, I saw her looking at my balls and dick again,
which, for now, was still l Continue reading

Neuro submission transmitter 1

"So do you think uncle Harry hid money or valuables around his house?" I ask my mom as we re driving down the interstate.

"What makes you think that?" She asks, surprised at my question.

"Well, he was pretty eccentric, you have to admit. He seemed like one of those guys who would stash things around the house and then forget where they are. We are going to search for hidden stuff, right?" My mom s b*****r died in a car accident a couple of months ago and my mom is executor of his estate. Uncle Harry never married and as his younger s****r, mom is his only living relative. Uncle Harry was 40, two years older than my mom. They grew up together but had less contact once mom got married.

My mom is one of those people who take f*** Continue reading